Finnish Game Incubator Demo Day 2022 9.2.2022 live on Twitch!

Welcome once again to our Finnish Game Incubator Demo Day! Our third batch is coming to a close and the teams are ready to present to you the games they’ve been working on. This time around we are presenting eight pitches from eight interesting new game studios from all around Finland.

Pitches from:
One Trick Entertainment (Lempo)
GitGud (Cyberpunk Turret: NEON RUSH)
Script Deprived (DreamScript)
Adventuretoe (Astro Battlers TD)
dReal (Kurja)
FlyAR (Aapocalypse)
DaTaVi (Project Godspeed)
Tipu (Tipu)

The full program will be released before the event.

Your host Pyry Takkunen will guide you through the team pitches as well as sharing information about the Finnish Game Incubator program and how you can apply to the next program!

Tune in to catch the show live on on 9.2.2022 at 18:00 GMT+2!

VOD will be available on YouTube after the event.

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Sponsored by Ahlman, Business Tampere, the city of Tampere and Tampere Game Hub.