Sisu Game Ventures

Sisu Game Ventures is an exclusive advisory and investment company focused 100% on games. It was setup in 2014 and focuses on the best gaming companies in the Nordic region. We only consider investments outside of the Nordics if they come via our own network.

Sisu consists of four active partners – Samuli, Moaffak, Paul and Kalle – all of whom have extensive backgrounds in the game industry and startup circles, both as entrepreneurs and investors. We’ve founded and built a dozen companies and had several successful exits.

Sisu is an evergreen investment company, not a fund, which means there’s no pressure for exits. We like to invest very early, preferably first money in – pre-revenue and most often pre-product.

The main thing is that we invest in teams – the people making the games – not just individual IPs or metrics. In addition to money, we invest our time and expertise to help level up the company for the next phase.

The Nordic game industry is known for open collaboration and that’s a principle we hold dear also among our own portfolio companies and the investors we co-invest with. This accelerates the development of the companies giving an extra edge over the global competition.

Sisu’s own investors come mostly from the game industry including dozens of individuals and a few game companies as well.

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