Tampere-based Nighthouse Games gets publisher for Sockventure game with help from Tampere Game Hub

Tampere-based Nighthouse Games gets publishing deal for Sockventure game with help from Tampere Game Hub

Sockventure game gets publisher in Versus Evil – Tampere Game Hub ry financially sponsored legal consultation, mentoring and advice for Finnish Game Incubator alumni team Nighthouse Games known for “Sockventure” platformer game coming 2021


Tampere Game Hub ry financially sponsored Nighthouse Games’ publisher negotiations for their game Sockventure, resulting in a publishing contract with Versus Evil. Sockventure, coming 2021 to Steam, is the first project from Tampere-based Nighthouse Games. Nighthouse Games was part of Finnish Game Incubator Batch One (formerly known as the Tampere Game Incubator). 

“Our first move into helping teams out in a financial way is here, and the results are tremendous”, starts director Tomi Toikka from Tampere Game Hub.

“Publisher negotiations can be nerve wracking for game teams just starting out, so we figured helping out in a more concrete way would fit Nighthouse Games the best. We paid for a legal consultant from our mentor network to look over the publishing contract”, Tomi Toikka continues. 

With legal help from the mentor network provided by Tampere Game Hub, Nighthouse Games successfully secured their publishing contract on March 31st 2021 and are on track for a 2021 release of Sockventure on Steam.

“We wouldn’t have a publisher without Tampere Game Hub”, says Antti Hietikko, Founder of Nighthouse Games.

“It’s been a great jump start for our career. Tampere Game Hub provided an environment of pure game business that shared honest, concrete feedback for us. Thanks to Tampere Game Hub and the Finnish Game Incubator, we learned how to pitch and talk to publishers and investors – culminating in concrete help with our publisher negotiations. Go Tampere Game Hub!”, Antti Hietikko, Founder of Nighthouse Games exclaims.

Sockventure is a thrilling action platformer from the talented team at Nighthouse Games. The game features over 200 levels of pulse-pounding twitch platforming gameplay. Sockventure has stunning colorful graphics, hand-crafted levels, tight controls and fun ever-changing gameplay. Sockventure will be available 2021 on Steam for the PC platform. 

Have fun dying in Sockventure, coming to Steam 2021 from Nighthouse Games and Versus Evil!

Tampere Game Hub is growing fast, and now is tracking 42 game studios within the region of Pirkanmaa. Support for game studios is extremely important and Tampere Game Hub will continue providing mentoring, consultancy, networking and more in the future – to all game teams that need it in Finland. Financial help for qualifying game studios is considered on a case-by-case basis, and can range from covering paid legal consultation and mentorship to concrete help such as helping out with marketing materials, pitch decks and PR. 

Finnish Game Incubator returns 2021 with a new online course. For the third year in a row, Finnish Game Incubator will give game studios all they need to conduct business with their game products, including dedicated courses for pitching, marketing and latest trends. Applications are open to submit in free format to toikka@tampere.games. Teams are required to reside in Finland and have an active game project with content to showcase.

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements from Tampere Game Hub and the game scene in Tampere, Finland.

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Nighthouse Games

  • Small game startup from Tampere, Finland.
  • Founder Antti Hietikko.
  • Was part of Finnish Game Incubator Batch One in late 2019 – early 2020.
  • Working on their first game, Sockventure, published by Versus Evil and out 2021 on Steam.
  • Sockventure is an action platformer. Sockventure has stunning colorful graphics, hand-crafted levels, tight controls and fun ever-changing gameplay.
  • Wishlist Sockventure on Steam at https://store.steampowered.com/app/1222340/Sockventure/
  • Learn more about Nighthouse Games at https://www.nighthousegames.com/

Tampere Game Hub ry

  • Umbrella organization for Pirkanmaa and Tampere-based game studios.
  • Acting Director Tomi Toikka.
  • Helps game studios across Finland with mentoring, networking, funding, events and legal advice.
  • Hosts the annual Finnish Game Incubator, a 10 week game business course with mentors across the globe.
  • Current batch of Finnish Game Incubator sponsored by Ahlman ends May 2021, with all 7 participating teams qualifying for a free business degree.
  • For more information, see https://tampere.games
  • Contact Director Tomi Toikka +358 45 846 1006 or toikka@tampere.games.