Tampere Game Hub to collaborate with Microsoft

The new agreement between Microsoft and The Tampere Game Hub brings new events, developer gatherings and more to Tampere game developers 

Tampere Game Hub director Tomi Toikka and Microsoft Customer Engineer Aapo Latvala playing Xbox games in the Tampere Game Hub Lounge.
Tampere Game Hub director Tomi Toikka and Microsoft Finland’s Game Development representative Aapo Latvala playing Xbox games in the Tampere Game Hub Lounge. Photo by Anh Phan.


Tampere Game Hub ry, an organization dedicated to promoting and assisting the Tampere game development scene, has started a collaboration with Microsoft, one of the worlds largest IT companies. 

Spanning 40 studios in the Pirkanmaa region, the game development hub in Tampere is the second largest regional hub in Finland. The region features many talented studios including 10tons, Iceflake Studios, Colossal Order and Dreamloop Games.  

Tampere Game Hub ry is run by Director Tomi Toikka and chairperson of the board Joni Lappalainen (CEO, Dreamloop Games).

Microsoft started talks with Tampere Game Hub Summer 2021 and the talks were concluded on 25.10.2021. The result was a collaboration agreement starting from the beginning of December. This cooperation will include Microsoft sponsored events, assistance for Tampere game developers with development for the Xbox platform and in utilizing Microsoft tools such as GitHub, Azure, PlayFab and Visual Studio.  

”Microsoft has been an excellent partner with helping out game studios in Tampere. We’re so excited to kick off things officially, and you won’t have to wait long until we’ll have events in Tampere in cooperation with Microsoft for the entire game developer scene of Tampere!”

Tomi Toikka, Director of Tampere Game Hub
A picture from the Tampere Game Lounge in Platform6 Startup House. Photo by Anh Phan.

Microsoft Corporation is a global technology company, which provides cloud computing services, computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and related services. Its best-known software products are the Microsoft Windows line of operating systems and the Microsoft 365 suite. Microsoft’s products in the hardware space include the Xbox console, Hololens, a Mixed Reality device and Microsoft Surface device family. The latter two also have development teams in Finland’s capital area and in Tampere.

“It has been a great journey with Tampere Game Hub and we’re excited to announce this collaboration agreement. Our talks around collaboration matured after Microsoft’s establishment of Gaming Ecosystem Organization last spring. Shortly after the announcement, Tomi expressed their interest in improving their studio’s technology options. We are interested and committed in empowering our local communities to achieve more and help them create world-class content with leading technology.”

Aapo Latvala, a Game Development representative from Microsoft Finland. 

For more information contact:

Tomi Toikka


Tampere Game Hub

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